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Feeding OC Together
Even in Orange County, there is a significant level of poverty. Regional statistics reveal that nearly 25 percent of the people in Orange County still live in poverty. That is what prompts The OC Lawn Wizards to provide help to those in need.

We donate a percentage of the fees for every lawn service provided to our clients, and that means your money is used to provide food or other necessities whenever you use our services. We're a part of the community and value all our neighbors.

Our Roots are Here
 Tyler and Alex, the founders of OC Lawn Wizards, are both natives of Orange County. They grew up here and respect the pride people in the area take in maintaining their properties. Of course, they also believe life is far more beautiful when those in need are not ignored.

Whether new to the area or life-long residents, anyone in need should know there are members of the Orange County community that care about them. That's why OC Lawn Wizards is focused not only on ensuring our clients' lawns look great but  also on taking the steps required to help everyone in the area.

Education is Important
 With the changes in climate and the corresponding regulations being enacted, it's important that property owners fully understand how to best design and maintain today's lawns. That's why Tyler and Alex offer clients (and prospective clients) The Consumer Awareness Guide to Lawn Care Services in Orange County. The guide is designed to help all residents better understand their yards and develop plans to maintain them as effectively as possible. 

In addition to providing a plethora of valuable hints for Orange County property owners, the guide also gives consumers a better understanding of lawn services and what they can do to enhance your lawn in our current environment.

OC Lawn Wizards can assist property owners with lawn care services, landscaping, and maintenance. With the transition to less water-intensive yards, we're here to help property owners determine what types of plantings can best meet those rapidly evolving needs while still providing a beautiful yard.

Lawn Needs are Changing 
  Of course, the ongoing water shortage is impacting everyone, and that includes their lawns. While lawn care once was pretty much restricted to mowing grass and trimming other types of growth, those days are long gone. At Lawn Wizards, we're dedicated to taking care of the needs of homeowners facing the reality that water isn't as plentiful as it once was.

So, what does that mean for you? Most importantly, it means Orange County homeowners might need to make changes to their lawns. There are plenty of ways to enjoy a beautiful yard with plenty of live plantings, but the types of plantings needed today might be different than those most residents are familiar with. Not only are yards evolving, but the care needed for today's yards is also different from the norm typically experienced in the past.

Questions About Your Yard?
 To figure out what, if any, changes are needed in your yard, give us a call. At Lawn Wizards, we'll set up a lawn audit to determine the status of the existing yard. We'll also work with property owners to explain options that would improve the yard and provide great living spaces for both now and far into the future. It isn't our mission to upsell our clients when they need our help.

Our goal is to make sure you're getting the best service possible and that all your lawn care needs are being met.  If you've got questions, a comprehensive lawn audit is certainly an option worth considering. Once our clients better understand their options, it's far easier to review the options and determine what types of changes would benefit their properties and lifestyles. If a family enjoys entertaining, hardscaped areas may well be more appropriate than lawns requiring constant watering to stay green.

Today's water use restrictions are unlikely to disappear anytime soon, so exploring options to conserve water is always a good idea.

 Getting the Best Service is Always Important
 Lawn care services come and go because many of those services simply don't deliver the levels of service Orange County area homeowners demand.
Tyler and Alex are committed to providing individualized service to meet every client's needs. Whether it's simply dealing with lawn issues or trimming trees, they're available to meet every yard maintenance need.  

Caring for Your Lawn Isn't Expensive 
Our clients can book typical, professional lawn care for as little as $45 per week. When homeowners consider the fact their time is freed up, their won't be a need to replace aging lawn care equipment, and that the professionals from Lawn Wizards are trained to spot potential issues, that minimal investment won't seem like much. Call the experts or schedule your lawn care services online now. All it takes is a few seconds to confirm an appointment and your lawn can start looking better tomorrow.