Why Choose Lawn Wizards? 

Our Lawn Wizard Teams are certified lawn care professionals with many years of experience in the business. When our streamlined tech meets the decades of lawn experience, they come together to deliver an unmatched mix of experience, customer service and professionalism. You are going to love that we provide:

  • 200% Happiness Guarantee
  • Lawn Care Professionals with Many Years of Experience
  • No Waiting, No Quotes, No Phone Calls. Confirm in 60 Seconds. 

Lawn Wizards Are Professionals.

  • Background and Reference Checked
  • Rated By Customers For Quality Assurance
  • Passed Practical Lawn Care Exams
  • Many Years Of Experience
  • Reliable and Trustworthy or We Will Refund You and Fix The Issue

Meet The Lawn Wizard Team And Our Dream

The Lawn Wizard Team Dream. This is what motivates us to do our best when serving you. As the customer, we hold you in the highest regard. We not only want you to have an amazing lawn, but want you to feel like part of a family. As Christians, we hold service, community, and honesty close to our hearts. These principles are what we stand for and want to portray in our business to all our customers. We want to serve you, not only by providing excellent lawn care, but by providing gifts to our monthly customers. We want to bring together community through being active with you, the customer, and giving back to local charities. We also want to bring our members together biannually for a free dinner and socialization, in order to create a more tight-knit community. Finally, we want complete and total honesty. We have no quotes or estimates and offer a flat and honest fee for every lawn, as well as a 200% satisfaction guaranteed, meaning that if you are unhappy with your service, we will fix whatever problem there is and refund you the money. 

Meet The Worker Bees

Project Manager

Hello my name is Alex Paxton. I am going to make sure that you have a magical experience with lawn wizards!

Alex Paxton

Director of Marketing Magic

If my team and I can't make it happen for your Lawn, then it can't be done. Once you use us you wont go back! 

Tyler- Owner